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Marjan Mac Dobrevski - AIKIDO Instructor

Wado-Ryu Karate Master - 3rd DAN 

Real Aikido Master - 1st DAN

Certified Self-Defense Instructor

My Martial Art path started in the year of 1974 as a Wado-Ryu Karate Student. 

I achieved many tournament successes in Kumite and was part of the Ex-Yugoslavia Karate National Team, later on Macedonian Karate National Team.

I was a National Champion in heavy-weight and won several national titles in the no-weight-limitation category (All-Cat), which entitled me to participate on European Championships and many other international tournaments.

After my active sports career, I supported the Macedonian Kumite National Team as Assistant Coach.

2001 I started my Real Aikido journey with Grand Master Lyubomir Vracarevic - Soke 10th. 

Hard training helped me to become a Real Aikido Master 1st DAN, and a certified Self-Defense and Martial Art police instructor.

For Aikido Classes kindly contact 052-6297133.



Tamlynne Patterson-Ferreira - SWIM Instructor

Level 2 AUSTSWIM accredited swim trainer, ASCA accredited

CPR Certification 

PGCE in Education

I have lived in Ras Al Khaimah for close on 6 years now, and have been teaching swimming in the area for almost 5 of those years. I believe swimming is a life-saving skill everyone should have the opportunity to learn, and I have a passionate desire to teach it. 

I personally have a love for sports of all kinds, but have a particular desire to see kids involved in sports activities and staying healthy. It’s so important to me that my classes are a fun, creative experience with a real emphasis on progress.

Look forward to seeing you all poolside.

For Swim Classes kindly contact 056-8386433.


Izolda Khutyaeva - YOGA THERAPY Instructor


Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher with focus on Yoga Therapy


With the help of yoga therapy and remedial gymnastics you can improve the psychological and physical condition of body (heal and strengthen the feet (flat feet and clubfoot), knees (arthritis and arthrosis), hips and hips joints, spine and back (scoliosis, lardos, hernia and protrusion). 
My classes will help you to advance in yoga, will improve flexibility and streching. I will help you to get full splits step by step.
We also will work with breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditations.
Besides for the best effect I offer private classes, where we can diagnose and fix your individual issues.

For Yoga Therapy kindly contact 055-1892421.